Empowering people and communities to achieve a sustainable future by providing a hand UP, not a hand out.


Volunteering has for many years offered real world experience for students in between studies, or sabbaticals for professionals wanting to invest in themselves. Buckswood Hilltops can help you plan and arrange your ideal volunteering experience in a wide range of fields, perfect for young people needed to add some experience and value to their CV, and to re-invigorate anyone who is looking to step out of their everyday into something new! Volunteers can stay at the house and the house manager (the house mother) can keep an eye on you so that mums and dads at home can feel reassured that you have the adventure of a lifetime but with a watchful eye looking over you. Volunteering is about trying something new, coming out of your comfort zone, the lodge is a caring place that you will feel right at home but at the same time part of the community that you are working with.


Over the last 10 years Buckswood has been organising school groups and groups of adults to visit the great kingdom of Swaziland. Groups can range from 5 – 30 people. Programs are tailor made to suit the clients needs. They can be a mixture of sightseeing and charity work, just sightseeing or a really ‘get to know the locals’ sort of trip. Some may prefer total R and R – some pampering, rest and relaxation. All of this can be arranged within your budget. Remember Buckswood Swaziland is a non profit making organisation and any ‘profits’ made go straight back into helping the local communities. For more details on how we can help you set up your group visit please contact us.

Micro Projects

What is the Vision and Mission of The Buckswood Micro Projects Programme?

The vision for BMP is to empower grassroots individuals to form local industries through local participation and empowerment. Buckswood has set up and supports a set of micro businesses for various local business people to work based at the Buckswood House estates.


What are Micro Projects?

Micro projects are individual based small-sized, self-help development efforts. Individuals or partners must take the initiative to decide their priorities and be ready to make their own contribution. The BMP Programme can grant up to 75% of the investment cost for the suitable projects. Operation and maintenance are the responsibility of the beneficiaries. BMP must:

    • Meet a demonstrated and agreed priority need at local level
    • Have a positive economic and social impact on the lives of the people in Swaziland
    • Include a contribution by the beneficiating local community of at least 25% of the investment cost. This can be a contribution in kind or cash by beneficiaries.


BMP has the Following Goal for Swaziland

To help improve the standard of living, wealth and wellbeing of grassroots communities, through satisfaction of their basic needs to mobilize, encourage and support communities in their effort to plan and development projects on self-help and self-training basis


How to Apply to BMP:

The interested parties meet at Buckswood House with the BMP manager to firstly sit and discuss the project and to see if it is suitable to both parties.

Current Micro Projects running:

    1. Nonny’s Nibbles and Restaurant
    2. Buckswood Blocks
    3. Buckswood Sewing

Buckswood Adventure and Travel

‘BAT’ was set up by Buckswood after running education, adventure and tourism courses for groups and individuals over the last 10 years. We have looked after over 180 clients from over 40 different countries.


Your Trip and your experience

We want our clients to sit back and experience the REAL Africa – the REAL Kingdom of Swaziland. Our team can promise you an experience of a lifetime form the minute you arrive to the time you take off. Our job is to ensure that you take away with you not only gifts and photos but also the true African experience. When you sign up for this trip we will ask you what you want to get out of the trip, a 5* luxury tour, a hands on experience where you experience and see the poverty of local rural African life, the adventure and thrill of seeing the big 5 or the adventure of the high ropes OR a combination of all of this. Basically – we will provide what you want.

Your tour of the country is a personal journey and one that we can tailor for you.


Local Guide

We employ excellent local staff that are there to help you and ensure that you experience the REAL Africa. They are there to look after your needs and to ensure that you leave wanting to return.



Our fleet comprises of a Range Rover (seats 4) or a Combi mini bus seating 16. When travelling there will always be refreshments on board.


Quality and assurance

To help you put your mind at rest a bit, Buckswood is a School in the UK that visits Swaziland 4 times a year. All of the staff are vetted and work closely with the owner of the company, all of whom form part of the Buckswood House staff and are part of the household.